Is it easy to let go of the past?

Letting go of the past is both easy and difficult at the same time. The process of clearing your old unwanted emotions and experiences is paradoxical.

By being with your inner self and relaxing down for a minute or two. You begin to notice what is going on beneath the day to day whirl of life. Sometimes just relaxing is enough to bring about a sense of resolution, at least to the overworking of the conscious mind.

When we have a feeling or belief about a past or present situation, trying to change it can be the one thing that re-triggers it. The classic example of this is:- “don’t think of a pink elephant”. More often than not, the person in receipt of that statement does just that.

So our 3D/4D thinking experience is one that we can interactive in two ways. One, being on the right side of our paradoxical experience in order to let go of a thought, feeling or experience, and two, not being on the right side of your thinking in order to do so.

If this sounds confusing it is likely that you are relying on a rational thought to help you grasp at the sense of letting go. However it is less to do with the concept than your relationship between your attention (which is different to the conscious mind) and your thinking. For example if your attention resides within your thoughts throughout the day. You are serving your conscious mind as the basis for reality. If on the other hand your are able to be with your attention, understanding it as separate from your thinking, you are then in the position to start letting go.

It is the difference between trying to let go of your thoughts, or allowing it to happen on its own. This is how the energy of thought and emotions, are able to be set free from the mind. When enacted properly, it is then that the journey into more peace and tranquility can begin.

(This article is rather skimming the practice of letting go, however it does offer a starting point as to depth of understanding you will receive in a one to one appointment. It a very spiritual process that will give you healing and increase your self awareness.)