Letting go of guilt

Guilt has to be one the more predominant feelings that crop up during therapy/healing sessions.

At anyone time we all hold a series of emotions within our mind body experience. Some feelings just past us by with little response required. Think of a movie that you have recently watched. How did it make you feel? Hopefully not much in terms of heightened emotions.

“without doubt guilt normally begins in the past, so letting go of childhood memories relating to guilt is all part of the process.”

Guilt however sits much deeper within the subconscious mind. It can sit in the realm that is our thinking driving our behaviour in an unconscious way. How many of us are parents that are compelled to let our children stay up later, or work extra hours so not to feel guilty later. If you are engaging in these kinds of activities then the chances are you are already feeling guilty. Only unconsciously.

Some self help books go as far to say that guilt is tyrannical. Societal guilt definitely exists. Call it a kind of pressure to do the things that you might not want to on other levels. This can cause conflicts that also need letting go of. Its not uncommon for people to take medication for their loved ones either. Even if it is something they didn’t want to do for themselves.

I have seen quite a few clients over the years that felt guilty about stopping smoking. As crazy as it sounds, this has actually been relayed back to me on many an occasion. It appears smoking with a parent that has deceased can conjure an attachment to the past that keeps a stuck person in the guilty part of their thinking, unable to consciously change the behaviour on their own. e.g. if they stopped they would lose their connection to the one they love.

Guilt patterns are also passed from one generation to the next via behaviours and our DNA. Some of us do have a higher disposition to guilt motivation than others. Certainly tackling guilt from a past life and karmic perspective does have its healing benefits.

At this point I have to say that there are no right or wrongs when it comes to guilt motivation. We understand that freedom of choice is a natural law and people are free to choose guilty or not. However if we all knew how to let go of guilty thoughts, feelings and emotions. We would definitely be able to make clearer choices for ourselves. Yes to truly clear guilty thoughts at a subconscious level, an element of skill is required as well as awareness. Another word for this is learning.

Remember the loving embrace of the spirit world wants to be and remain free from the dogma of our own emotions, whether they are stimulated by the outside world or are inherited as an inner disposition.

By learning to let go of the past you can be more free of guilt. By living by letting go you can be completely free of guilt. This helps you to connect to your higher self and make clearer and more positive and supportive life decisions as a result. If you do so your energetic vibration will increase and you might start to feel the benefits of acceptance and freedom instead. Really what do you have to lose by feeling guilt free?

Give it a go.